A healthy, glowing complexion not only boosts your confidence but also reflects the overall well-being of your body. Achieving a radiant complexion is a journey that requires dedication and consistency. Gaining a healthy and youthful skin is now possible with an array of advanced skincare treatments. The outcome of such care and treatment will be a naturally beautiful and luminous glowing skin. Gone are the days of traditional facials, as modern innovative treatments focus on combining medical grade techniques and natural ingredients to provide you with the best possible results.

At Skin World, we are elated to share some attractive and effective skin care secrets to help you achieve a beautiful complexion. Dr.Sonam Ramrakhiani, a well-known dermatologist from Thane has established a good name with the inception of – Skin World. Here, we take care of our clients and assist them in their journey of rejuvenating and revitalizing their skin. The complete skin care treatment can be explained in 2 –ways namely: Concerns and Treatments.

  • Teenage Acne: A common skin condition that affects adolescents due to hormonal changes, leading to clogged pores and inflamed pimples.
  • Adult Acne: Affects individuals beyond adolescence, often caused by hormonal fluctuations, stress, or other lifestyle factors.
  • Post Acne Scars: These are marks left behind after acne has healed which can include atrophic and hypertrophic scars.
  • Dark Spots after acne
  • PCOD Acne: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that can lead to acne breakouts in women due to increased androgen levels.

Solutions / Treaments we offer for pimples

  • Melasma : Melasma is a common skin condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face. It most often affects women and is more common in people with darker skin tones. It may happen due to overproduction of melanin. Treatment for melasma often involves sun protection, topical bleaching agents, retinoids, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments.
  • Sun Tan : A suntan is a natural response in the skin due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This radiation stimulates the cells in the skin called melanocytes to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes their color. This increased melanin production darkens the skin color, leading to what we commonly call a suntan.
  • Dull Skin : Dull skin can be caused by various factors including dehydration, aging, lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and environmental pollutants. It manifests as skin that appears lackluster, tired or uneven in texture or tone. A dermatologist can provide a variety of treatments to help improve the appearance of dull skin, based on the cause and your individual skin type.
  • Dark patches on face : Dark patches on the face can be a common skin concern and may be caused by various factors. These can occur due to an increase in melanin production in certain areas of the skin. This condition is known as hyperpigmentation and can be triggered by sun exposure, hormonal changes (such as melasma during pregnancy or due to oral contraceptives), post-inflammatory pigmentation (after acne or skin injury) or certain medical conditions.
  • Dark Underarms / Thighs : Dark underarms and thighs are a common concern for many people. This condition, also known as acanthosis nigricans, is often associated with insulin resistance, obesity, hormonal disorders, certain medications and in rare cases, cancer. However, it can also be caused by excessive friction or irritation, certain deodorants or perfumes, shaving and buildup of dead skin cells.
  • Dark Neck : Darkened skin on the neck can be due to a medical condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. This is a skin condition characterized by areas of dark, velvety discoloration in body folds and creases. The skin can also become thickened and may have an odor. It most often affects people who are obese or have diabetes.
  • Dark Elbow : Dark elbows can be a common cosmetic concern for many people. The skin on the elbows is naturally thicker and tends to be drier compared to other parts of the body. Factors such as friction, sun exposure, dead skin cell buildup and certain skin conditions can contribute to darkening of the elbows.

Solutions / Treaments we offer for pimples

  • Open Pores: Enlarged pores that can become more visible due to aging, sun damage or oily skin.
  • Scars: Marks on the skin caused by injury, surgery or acne which can appear as flat, raised or sunken.
  • Bumps on the face: These can be caused by various conditions such as milia and keratosis pilaris.
  • Rough Skin: A result of dryness, sun damage or buildup of dead skin cells,leading to an uneven or coarse texture.
  • Fine Lines: Early signs of aging, typically caused by a combination of factors such as sun exposure, dehydration and loss of collagen.
  • Stretch Marks:

Solutions / Treaments we offer for Texture Concern

  • Hormonal Hair Loss ( Male pattern / Femal Pattern )
  • Alopecia / Patchy Hair Loss
  • Telogen Effluvium / Hair Shedding
  • Dandruff / Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Chemicals Treatment damaged hair
  • Dry frizzy Hair

Solutions / Treaments we offer for Hair

Face Aging

Solutions For Face Aging

Neck Aging
  • 1.Sagging skin: As we grow in age, our skin loses its tightness and elasticity which may cause it to sink, this may lead to formation of turkey neck appearance.
  • 2.Wrinkles and fine lines:The neck is vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines as the skin around, loses moisture with the passage of time and these fine lines can be visible as horizontal and vertical lines.
  • 3.Platysmal bands: As we grow in age and with the passage of time, the vertical bands on the neck known as platysma muscle becomes more visible and distorts the original shine of the skin around the neck.
  • 4.Fat accumulation: As we age, it is likely that we may develop an issue of double chin or a less defined jawline which is nothing but, fat accumulation.
  • 5.Creepy skin: As we grow older, skin on the neck becomes thinner, drier and more delicate, giving it a creepy appearance.
  • 6.Age spots:These are nothing but dark spots turning to be flat, brown, grey or black that appear due to sun exposure and natural aging.

Solutions For Neck Aging

Hand Aging

Solutions For Hand Aging

Body Treatments

We offer a range of treatments to help you achieve the beautiful, glowing skin you've always wanted. Our body skin tightening treatment is one of our most popular services. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert techniques, we can help you achieve a smooth and toned body. We remove STRETCH MARKS, ALL TYPES OF scars and other blemishes, leaving your skin looking flawless and radiant

Solutions For Body

  • Dark Circles
  • Under Eye Bags
  • Under Eye Wrinkles / Crows Feet
  • Tear Tough

Solutions For Eye